Our services for you


International pharmaceuticals

We import from and export within the entire European Union marketable allopathic and homoeopathic pharmaceuticals, but also dietary supplements and other products typically to be found in pharmacies.

We supply pharmacies and clinics (according to §73.3 AMG), but also wholesale dealers and manufacturers, offering thereby a great support to the issues which are specifically relevant to you.

Logistics and processing

The methods we apply within logistics and processing are cut to the specific needs of each customer and are in conformity with the requirements of the target country.

We foster open and continuous dialogue with our business partners, service providers and the authorities, both on a national as well as international level. This is how we are always up-to-date about current products, transport possibilities, means of order and import, but also the related costs.

For your order, we search for the fastest and most efficient means of transport and provide for a secure dispatch.

According to regulations, we are not allowed to store foreign pharmaceuticals. That is why, we order them directly for you at our international suppliers. As soon as the order arrives, we process it and deliver it to you immediately.

We supervise the deliveries until they are dispatched. Needless to say, any delay is immediately made known to you. 

Safety and Quality

Through permanent controlling, but also long-term close relationships with selected suppliers and manufacturers, arex PHARMA manages to guarantee for the quality of its deliveries. All our suppliers are without exception officially accredited manufacturers, wholesale dealers and pharmacies.